Masterpiece Exhibition 2018

June 2018

Philip Mould & Co invites Richard Stone
Philip Mould & Company invites Richard Stone to Masterpiece 2018 preview

“The goal is to put things together in a way that entices and allures,” Hewat-Jaboor explained. “Masterpiece offers an immense range of art history, with every period and style represented.” In the case of several of the 159 participating international dealers, some of those killer objects, from Richard Stone’s 1991 portrait of Queen Elizabeth II (Philip Mould & Company) to gilded-bronze footprints by Michele Oka Doner (David Gill), are often commingled to “remove the difficulties that are put up in traditional single-focus displays, where people walk past if they’re not interested in that movement or that style. We want to encourage groups of works that, by their juxtapositions, seduce.” .......  Architectural Digest, June 2018

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