Mrs Carole Saunders

Oil on canvas, 40 x 30 inches, 2004

A head studyI was approached by Ernest Saunders’s children with a request to paint a portrait of their mother, Carole.

Carole was extremely hesitant about having anything done, but with a fortieth wedding anniversary looming and pressure from the children to mark it in some significant way, she agreed to the idea in principle. We met for lunch at the Connaught Hotel to discuss things in more detail. Carole was very firm that she would only concede to the family wishes if she could be painted in her favourite casual clothes. I produced some sketches, which met with general approval.

The finished portrait captures something of a jaunty aspect, combined with the warmth, humour and sensitivity of a much-loved and much-respected mother.

Soldier Back From Helmand 4 unveiling St. Paul's Cathedral
A head study