Mrs Scott Wendelin

Oil on canvas, 50 x 40 inches, 1988

Mr Scott Wendelin commissioned this portrait of his wife Kimberly in 1988. Being a founder member of the Regency Club in Los Angeles, (the owner of which is the financier David Murdock), Mr Wendelin hoped that one of the more famous features of the Club could be included in the portrait.

The Club is at the top of the Murdock Plaza building on Wilshire Boulevard, where the main corporate offices of Mr Murdock’s conglomeration of businesses are located. The Club’s interior offers a remarkable view over Los Angeles and the nearby suburbs, and the antiques and art are specially selected to have a spectacular impact in their own right.

Mrs Wendelin was persuaded to pose in front of a rare early tapestry hanging in the Club, and her striking appearance was subtly enhanced by the muted colours of this background.